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Your Dreams Matter (Prayer Journal Prompt)

Have you ever had an amazing idea, but thought it didn’t matter? Have you ever wanted something really bad, but felt like others wouldn’t understand? You are not alone.

Many great women once felt those same challenges. Anyone that has ever stepped out on faith once battled with those same thoughts. However, instead of leaving their hopes and dreams in their mind many fought to bring them to life.

The first step to bringing them to life is acknowledging they matter. Yes, God places new ideas and visions within us to better our lives and others. He is always calling us higher and transforming us, so it makes sense that He will bring new creative ideas to help you.

However, it’s easy for us to put our heart's desire and dreams on hold while fulfilling all of life's requirements. If you’ve found yourself thinking that your hearts desires don’t matter then you're wrong.

Our God uses our hearts desires to reveal to us our treasure (Matt. 6:21). The thing that will make us spring up out of bed and get us hungry and eager for more of Him. God is wanting to give us more and it’s through our ideas. If he can show us a vision and we believe it instead of putting it on the backburner then we will experience provision in all our endeavors.

God is so powerful that He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit which reflects Gods exact ideas, thoughts, and desires. When we grab ahold of these instead of thinking they don't matter we get to see The God of the Bible in our everyday life. We can experience a more abundant life in God (John 10:10).

Although, it sounds good don’t just take my word for it. Open up your heart to all the possibilities and dreams God has hidden within it.

Happy Dreaming

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