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Gods Timing

After running around the city I was smiling so big because the little thing I desired, God didn’t forget about it. I say this because in 2019 I moved to a new city and kept telling myself I was going to get my teeth fixed and then have a photoshoot to finally reveal my confidence, and not be afraid of the photographer seeing the gaps in my mouth.

Well, I was getting my makeup done and was just smiling, then it was time to meet up with the photographer, and it happened. I realized that little bitty desire that seemed so small to our big God came to pass.

I want to tell you no matter what your idea is, to keep believing. It could be a pink couch, a home with a nice view, an online business, a new camera, a pretty red dress, or even a new vehicle. I want to tell you to trust God, even when you don’t know how or when it will happen. God knows, and it's in his timing, not ours. All we must do is desire and trust Him.

Even if you forget about that desire or start losing faith, God doesn’t. He remembers and He will bring it to pass. From my pink couch to the apartment in the city, the ministry, the little dog, and even the blazer in my closet. These were all little things I desired when I had no money, no ministry, or even when I was very lonely. All these things God brought to me in His timing.

So, keep desiring and keep trusting in Him and don’t lose faith. Looking at these pictures I see how God even keeps in count those little things, so of course He won’t forget about the big things.

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