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Gods Plan

Growing up I would play in my mom’s one pair of heels and feel like I was so beautiful! At 15 I bought my first pair of stilettos and nobody couldn’t tell me nothin! 

Honestly, from a young age I loved fashion and deep down wanted to be a fashion designer. From spirit weeks, to skating rinks, I would play in my clothes until I came up with a new and improved outfit.

Still to this day I spend Saturday nights going through my clothes and putting new pieces together. This is my hobby, and many do not know this about me. That’s why I occasionally drop a lookbook on you all, not for the views or recognition, but for my love of fashion. 

I was playing around with clothes for The Closet Sale and came across this skirt!  A simple skirt that I’ve never worn because it didn’t look right on my body (or so I thought). 

I decided to pair this skirt with a white sweater and black thigh-high boots.

I also paired it with a black Teddy Blake Bag. 

And then the outfit popped. 

That old dingy skirt turned into a fashionista moment! I felt stylish, cute, and grown!

After taking a load of photos I realized that after all a lot hasn’t changed. My love for fashion is still there, just like the days of my childhood playing in my mama’s heels. Although this wasn’t my plan, God's plan was way better.

I don’t share how to look good, I share how to feel good.

I don’t just share how to dress up the outer man, I share how to dress up the inner man.

I realize that when you give your dream over to God, He can do far more better with it. 

Now, I realize that the desire I had to make women feel beautiful is being produced without fashion.

Fashion is my hobby, and the Ministry is my purpose.

The Closet Sale is going on right now check it out here:

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