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5 Tips for the Christian Entrepreneur

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Being a single, Christian creative entrepreneur is scary many days. I have to just leap day-to-day. I try new tactics to see what works. Some fail and some succeed tremendously. I’ve learned a lot on this journey and here are my top tips.

1. Your faith needs Works

You have faith in Jesus Christ, you love Jesus, but when you get the nudge to leap, to try something new, to launch something, to give, to reach out, your faith is non-existent. Our faith is how we are saved. No works can bring us redemption. However, the Christian life is many different mountain tops and plateaus. We must be willing to go from season to season, faith to faith, and leap to leap. Add works to your faith, and watch your ideas flourish.

2. Your single/unmarried season is the season to build

Many women find themselves waiting for the husband, waiting to travel, to get their finances and credit in order. Although that sounds great we have many layers to ourselves outside of marriage. This is the time to heal, build, create, launch, fail or succeed, and find yourself. Stop Waiting & Start Becoming!

3. Creativity Comes from God

In all the colors of the rainbow and the array of nature, we see how creative God really is. Being a creative person and working for God is very scary at times. It requires implementation of my ideas. When you work for yourself you have no time to over-think, you just make it happen. Many of my creative ideas have led to new videos, blogs, free resources, series, and programs. A major key is to just create! I give a full day once a week for myself to create whatever I feel like creating.

4. The truth about Full-Time

I am an Entrepreneur which means I do not have an employer, I work for myself. I know it looks fun and ideal from social media, but it can be very lonely and even hard. Being an entrepreneur means lots of long nights and a lot of faith. The key to being an entrepreneur is putting systems in place that make you money from your bed. I realized that I was ready to be a full-time entrepreneur when I could make my jobs full 2-week paycheck in only one weekend. Although, I technically work for "no-one", but my heart knows I work for God. He is my manager, overseer, and sustainer.

5. Be innovative and have goals

When we ask the question “how can this be more effective?”, "How can this touch more souls?" we open the door for new ideas and new systems. Setting goals in your ministry is the only way to move forward and expand. For example, one of our 2020 goals is to get 500 women in the membership, then each week I sit down and make a plan how we can do that, next I take action on that plan! We are growing daily!

This is no cake-walk, but over-time you see why you had to put so much work into it.

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This is amazing. Thank you ❤️


Tamarica Shaw
Tamarica Shaw
Oct 16, 2020

Very encouraging thank you for that

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