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On my Own

In August 2019, I packed my bags, rented a uhaul and moved to a new city with belief that I was following God's prompting. With fear, excitement and even a wonder for what was next for me. I drove my little old car to this new city.

I remember walking around in my half empty apartment even a month after I moved in stating in faith all that I was going to do in that place. 

When I had no couch, the floor was my prayer spot.

When I had no chairs, the Island served as my desk.

When I had no tv, my phone was my means of having any form of down time.

I reflect back on how much has changed in the year and what can happen when you follow Gods prompting.

I went from living with my parents to living on my own. To barely make it to launching new products and growing a ministry.

I went from being handicapped by fear to facing my fear and expecting a move of God.

I went from listening to lies of the enemy, to standing on the promises of God.

I share my journey with you, to not get stuck at where you are today. Pray and believe that your season must change, start taking steps towards that change and watch God turn that little empty place into a place of joy, creativity and solitude.

God is with You,

Trust Him.

Watch my empty Apartment Tour and see How I went from a empty place to a place that finally feels like Home. Apartment Tour Here:

See Where I was a year ago, by watching the video below!

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