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Worthy Woman

Knowing Your WORTH

Many days I felt as if I knew my worth. I always took pride in thinking I was worthy. The truth is I knew nothing about my worth and based my worth on the outfits I was wearing, the makeup I was putting on, and the number of guys in my dm's on Instagram. The truth was I wasn’t walking in worth I was walking in Pride. Pride stuck up her head and made choices to only give certain men the time of day. The truth was that wasn’t worthiness, it was arrogance.

True worth lies inside.

Inwardly you choose to be cautious with yourself and others.

A woman that knows her worth knows her God. She has a fear of the Lord which is the wisdom to do accordingly. I know you may think how does this tie to my worth, but sweetie your worth has nothing to with your college degree or title at your job. Your worth is bigger than letters man puts together to identify you by. Your worth is deeper than the depths of the ocean and higher than any mountain. Your worth is more precious than the rarest jewels. Your worth is not in the eyes of men or anyone else for that matter. Your worth is in God. A woman that knows her worth doesn’t allow just any man to pursue her, neither does she spend her time around company that can corrupt her. She is a soul that shall be cherished. She doesn’t cast her beautiful pearls before swine. She chooses her circle wisely and moves according to the will of the Father. She doesn’t get caught staying the night with a man nor is she in between gossip. She speaks her truth with yes and no. She walks in the ways of the Lord and stays far from sinful lifestyles. She moves forward in pureness while consistently examining her heart before the Lord. The honest truth is the woman of worth is actually overlooked many times. Not, because she is unattractive, but many don't understand her. She is okay with the woman she is today but she wants better and desires to be better. A woman of worth walks justly and every step is directed by the Lord. She doesn’t have fear of tomorrow for the Lord is with her all her days. She isn’t nervous about future plans and decision-making for she knows her Father is giving her daily incite to make the just decision. A woman of worth acknowledges the precious gift of time. She doesn’t squander it away, but diligently seeks the Lord and works willingly. A woman of worth knows the power of holding her thoughts captive to Christ. The woman of worth seeks the words of the Lord day and night. The woman of worth is a woman worth knowing. She holds jewels of wisdom and hidden treasures.

She is not just any woman she is a Worthy Woman.

I wish I could say I was her, but some days I am and some days I’m not. If reading about a Worthy Woman convicted your heart Here are a few tips to help become better and walk more in your worth.

Tip 1 Prayer Journal

Sit with your prayer journal and examine yourself. Whatever areas you desire to be better in faith, health, emotionally, or mentally. Write in detail how you want to improve

Tip 2 Acknowledge

Next, analyze the areas you won't give your all and why? Are you afraid of failure, lazy, or unmotivated?

Tip 3 Write a New Story

Lastly, write down the ideal woman you desire to be. A Worthy Woman desires God in all her ways. Create a new story about your ideal Worthy Woman and how you can bring her to life.

True worthiness doesn't come from our dating preference or how many times we attend church. Our true worth comes from the Word of God.

-the Awakened Daughter

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