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Where Did You Go?

Have you ever looked up and wonder what happened? Like Where did you go? The humble, assertive, loving person... like where did she go. The one that loved herself and felt confident. Well, I've wondered the same thing especially when I looked in the mirror and still hadn't lost the 20 pounds or when I looked at my bank account an still didn't have the money I had hoped would be in there.

The truth was that I saw all my negatives and not my positives. I saw my lacks instead of my blessings. I saw the insecurities and inadequacies instead of the Love that God was showering me with daily.

When we can examine these feelings we have towards ourselves we can break the cycle of unhealthy talk and remove the unhappiness that lingers. We can choose to Begin Again. To make this the summer we fall back in love with the woman God created. To address the conviction and not allow it to turn to guilt and shame. We can become women after Gods' heart while loving ourselves. Instead of spending your summer getting stuck on Instagram looking at other peoples lives, focus on bettering yours. Making this the summer you Love Yourself Again. You can and will fall back in love with your gifts, curves, laughter, smile, heart, quirky, nerdy, and crazy things about yourself.

This is the Summer to Fall deeply in Love with God which will reveal to you more and more of Your True Nature.

Are You Ready to make the most out of your summer?

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