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Walk In Love

When life is challenging, love becomes harder to embrace. When you are stuck financially and burdened, love seems so far away. When you are insecure about weight gain loving yourself seems impossible.

​We know the Bible talks a lot about love, but how do we show love to others when we can't show love to ourselves? We must start by choosing to walk with God which will cause us to walk in love.

When we choose to walk and embrace God we are choosing to embrace love. This doesn't mean it will be easy, but love is patient, kind, rejoices in the truth, doesn't delight in evil and for many of us, patience, kindness, and running from sin is challenging. However, when you decide to embrace love every day you get to experience it. Giving love allows you to attract it many different ways.

Experiencing the Love of God is mind blowing and changes us forever. That transformational love is all we need to keep moving forward. In everyday life struggles, hold on to love, because without love we are bankrupt.

Embrace the Love of the Father which will lead you to share the love with others.

Examine your life today and see if there are any areas were you are bankrupt without love?

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