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Walk In It (Embrace The New Season)

After a weekend of worry and doubt, I realized that no sermon was going to do the trick. No random laying of hands, but some deep down faith and courage. Well, I got a new opportunity and it was going to require a lot from me. I was so excited and overwhelmed in joy, but slowly fear crept in.. “what if I can’t do it?” “what if I am not ready for this?” “How hard will they judge me?” and before I knew it I was swimming in a pool full of fear.

Until I got fed up, I knew that was fear talking and not courage. I realized I couldn’t embrace the blessing trying to hide it. I couldn’t walk in it with one foot out of it. The truth was I needed to embrace it. Embrace the new busy schedule, embrace the lifestyle change, embrace the long drive to and from work, embrace the late nights and all that comes with it. In embracing the change I would be able to handle the new found responsibility more smoothly and no longer allow fear to hold me back.

You may also be going through a life change or new things being added to your life. Well, just know that the more responsibility God gives you the

more you are ready and equipped to manage it. Don’t doubt this amazing move of God. And be willing to Walk In it Boldly and Fearlessly!

In the midst of a busy schedule from doing the laundry, to studying, to completing all the tasks on a to-do list we can neglect ourselves. When we address them then we can go forward with peace knowing we are appointed and equipped to fulfill this job or call. The call of a Mother, Student, Worker, Friend, Speaker, Teacher, or Server. No matter the title in this certain season God has given you enough Grace to fulfill this Purpose.

Don’t Forget to Walk In It Fearlessly

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