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To the Insecure Girl!

Have you ever took a group of photos and nitpicked each photo until you hated them? Have you ever been the girl that Loved who she was becoming, but still hated her outward appearance?

Have you ever looked at yourself as less than because of the number on the scale or the size of the Jeans that you wear? If you have, then know you are not alone, I've felt this way too and many days still have to upload videos and photos that I think I look hideous in.

However, we must decide to Love ourselves even with the hips or the gap in our teeth, even with the added weight. I say this because I went through many seasons telling myself. "Morgan when you lose 10 to 20 pounds then I'll love you" or "Morgan when you are more established then I'll love you" or "Morgan when your hair gets long then I'll love you"!

But I had to realize no matter the number on the scale, or the length of my hair was never truly going to to make me happy. I got those things and then realized I still had the inner insecurity.

So, I come to tell you to not wait for your happiness, you do not have to wait to love you! You must decide each and every day that you are going to love you in the best ways you can. Even if you mess up, miss the mark, fail at something, you can keep loving you and there you will find happiness.

Say 'Hey gap in my teeth, I love you" "Hey hips I love you" "Hey arms I love you" "Hey body I love you"!

How we heal our body is by first loving our body and all that it comes with! We must thank our bodies for being so strong and giving us another day in them. Our bodies need love you so challenge yourself to love your whole body Now!

Don't wait for your happiness, Don't wait to love you, Don't wait.

I challenge you today to love yourself, by putting on something that makes you feel beautiful and smile like no one is looking!

Go Girl You Got This!

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