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The Weekend Worker

The Weekend Worker is the woman who gets off of work on Friday, but she is not done. The Weekend Worker is the woman who has a dream, goal or passion and chooses to pursue it.

Even with a full-time job or being a full-time college student and mother/wife she still makes time to build on her dreams.

The Weekend Worker doesn’t just use her weekend to binge watch Netflix or go to parties and clubs. She has outgrown that. She is focused on Kingdom Business. She is seeking a higher living and understanding about her purpose.

She understands, that no position on earth truly defines her, but God does.

She isn’t stuck in the now, but she is Christ-centered, focused and eager for her dreams to

become reality. The Weekend Worker has a lot on her schedule, but she knows her dreams are up to her, not her friend, her spouse, or her favorite inspirational speaker. It is up to her to work towards them daily. The Weekend Worker’s job doesn’t define her, Her Purpose Does!

To the Weekend Worker, up late, dreaming, creating, plotting, doing, and manifesting...

Keep Going, Keep Pushing, Keep Believing!

To The Weekend Worker!

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