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The Essence of a Woman

The essence of women is the power of women. Our essence is what causes us to be role changers. To overcome the challenges that our great great great grandmothers lived in. We have overcame oppression and we will still have more fighting to do. No matter race or religion the essence of women are revealed in every culture.From the beginning of time we have been influencers. From Eve influencing Adam to Harriet Tubman influencing African Americans. We not only birth the next generation we raise them. Through our innate ability we use our love, compassion, & nurturing spirit to influence our families, communities, & the world. We are no longer subjected to just housely duties. Women are breaking through the chains of society each & every day. Today we are athletes, activist, philanthropist, ceos, and entrepreneurs. We are influencing our little girls to not only aspire to be married, but to aspire a life of fulfillment while inspiring others to break the stigma of women duties.Do you really want to know the true essence of a woman? She is a Leader, a giver, a lover, a helper, a influencer, a cultivator, a revolutionist and lastly She is You!

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