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Take On This Day!

Today I challenge you to dress in your most fashionista outfit (it can be comfortable). I encourage you to do this because when we feel good about ourselves, we act good to ourselves, we speak well to ourselves, and we reflect goodness to others.

I don’t know about you, but I can be really quick to throw my hair in a bun and just put on a simple outfit that didn’t take much thought and go on with my day. I know this can be harder for mothers and busy women, but today take an extra 5 minutes on you. Put on those special earrings you haven’t worn in a while. Put on that expensive perfume that you only wear on special occasions and that top you’ve been wanting to wear, but didn’t have a reason to.

Today is a special day. You’re alive, you’re beautiful, you’re growing, you're flourishing, and you’re loving. That makes it a special day. I want you to feel special, I want you to love in a special way, and I want you to believe in yourself today. The gifts, the creativity, the joy, and the spirit of God that lives in you.

It’s not just another day full of to-dos. It’s a day that God has made and has given us another chance to change, to love, and to grow.

Pick one thing to do today that will get you closer to your dreams.

If it’s writing a page in a book, creating a business plan, adding people to your team, journaling about a new goal, reading a few pages in a new book, or getting to work on a dream that is burning inside of you. I challenge you to seize the day!

When you take charge of your day and stop allowing emotions, and fears to have charge of you... you began to see a huge difference in your mood and how you feel about yourself.

Don’t allow today to pass without choosing to go after all the things that bring you joy.

Get Up, Get Dressed, & Seize The Day!

Weekly Scripture


Behold, I will do a new thing in you; now it shall spring forth; Do you not see it?”.

Isaiah 43:19


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