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Swing In Faith

Laying in bed late one night praying, while slowly drifting off to sleep, and I heard the Lord speak, “You stepped up, but you’re playing the game afraid”.

I grew up in southeast Oklahoma where every summer I was playing baseball or softball. This was something I enjoyed doing. I made a lot of friends and even got the nickname “Thunder Thighs” from my brother due to being a catcher.

So, when God spoke this word to me it took me to that season of life when it was my turn at bat. My Dad would come and tell me to keep my eye on the ball and follow through with my swing. A swing we had practiced many times in the backyard.

God reminded me of the many times I had stepped up to the plate afraid. The many times I was more afraid to get hit by the ball than actually hitting the ball. Also, the times I stepped in the batters-box worried about what the people in the stands would think.

This same lesson I learned as a child had come back with a word from God. “You are playing the game afraid”. When you realize you're playing the game afraid, all it takes is a little faith and confidence, and before you know it...BOOM! You step up and you hit the ball so good and take off running.

That’s how God desires us to live our lives. To step up to the plate of life in confidence knowing that whatever comes our way, we have the power and potential to see that challenge through. We also have the power and might to attack whatever is coming against us.

It comes with being willing to swing! To not just stand there in fear, but to stand there in confidence and knowing that your Jesus will see you through it, even up to the impact!

Today, I challenge you to step up to the Plate of Life FEARLESSLY!

Ready to keep your eye on Jesus and embracing the Fullness of His power to make the right impact!

Step Up & Swing In Faith!

Scripture Ephesians 3:12

"Now we can come Fearlessly right into God's presence, assured of His glad welcome when we come with Christ and trust in Him."

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