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Surrender Worry and Embrace Peace

I thought by holding onto my long to-do list, I would have fulfillment, yet really it led me to becoming more anxious and peaceless.  

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your worries upon Him for He careth for you.”

Why have I held onto my worries instead of giving them to God? Fear. Fear in letting go of what feels “common” and just soaking in God’s presence (where His true peace is found). 

I want you to know that I struggle with saying "no" and with letting people down. I find it difficult to silence the distractions of pleasing people, the fear of missing out, an internal competition with others on where I should be in my life by now, and just the nagging comparison that comes in like crashing waves about my beauty, a future for marriage, and even a meaningful career.

This summer, daughter of God, WE are casting ALL of our cares to our Father. Let us choose to let go of our worries and choose to walk in our full potential in God. Let’s say yes to our dreams, goals, and ambitions NOW instead of LATER. 

God cares so deeply about the worries, the anxieties, the fears that we are all currently facing. Child of God, starting this summer, find you. Find what makes you smile big, laugh hard and really mean it, what makes you sad and what makes you angry (You might as well watch the movie, Inside Out). Find you in God. Here are pebble pointers in casting your cares to our loving Father: 

  1. Pray to get your mind clutter free.

  2. Get restful sleep. 

  3. Write out your plans for the day the night before. 

  4. Speak scripture over your life. 

  5. Choose activities throughout each day that bring you joy. For me, that would be taking a power nap, texting/calling a friend or listening to my favorite musicians. 

At the core of this, your fearless season starts the moment you let go of the common tasks of your day and choose to walk in the peace of God. 

Let’s get to casting, sisters!

Weekly verse:

1 Peter 5:7: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”

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This Blog was written by Marlene Michel, HDC Blog Team

Feel free to follow Marlene on Instagram at @marlene__michel

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