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Summer Showers

This Oklahoma summer has been no joke! Reaching temperatures over 105 degrees. The type of hot when you avoid even going outside. The type of hot when the outside dog has to come inside just for safety. Well, this hot summer has caused the grass to dry up and die, mowing has come to a halt and the only desirable places are in the house or in the cold lake.

Well, finally one Sunday morning I woke to the sound of rain and light thundering. After weeks of scorching heat, I was happy to know the rain was bringing coolness in the air, which was nice. Birds running around all through the dead grass trying to find a worm, the fresh rain smell permeated through my office window and in that moment, I understood the prompting of God.

Just when everything looks dead, just when we had enough, just when the heat of the test in our life is smothering us, HE BRINGS RAIN.

He brings a freshness that we so desperately need.

He brings peace after the storm.

He brings provision.

In my life when I sense challenges getting bigger and bigger, I began to decrease more and more. So much to where I am finally on the floor of my office laying prostrate, crying in tears, saying “Abba, I need you, please send help, guidance, and resources”. Somehow not too long after my breaking point or after all my finances had dried and resources were no more, He would bring a shower of blessings, to pour over me and into my life. I would change so drastically that the insecurities and fears that plagued my mind would be gone. The weight of the burden would be released off of me and somehow the rain now made sense.

The scorching heat made sense, the testing of my faith made sense, the season of lack made sense, the tears made sense, the battles made sense, the lessons all made sense.

Sitting in my office feeling the coolness after the storm, I see that even before the grass dried up God already made provision for the rain. Even before my finances dried up, even before my confidence, faith, and strength dried up, God had already made provision for the outpour.

Examine your life and see that God not only plants, but He waters. Trust that the rain will come to water and bring your harvest. Pray that you may also receive your Summer Shower.

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