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Summer Nights Lookbook

Modestly Chic Summer Nights Lookbook

The most amazing thing about fashion is it allows you to express yourself on many levels. While expressing ourselves God should definitely be in the midst. Making conscious decisions on our appearance can really help us and others. Here are a few looks and ideas on how to dress Modestly Chic this Summer!

Outfit 1Soft & Feminine

Nude Top- Costa Rica Boutique

Pants- Wal Mart

Heals- Catos

This looks just makes me feel very much like a daughter of God. Just soft and sweet. Honestly this look can be a night out or day of shopping and running errands. You can't go wrong with a modest look,with dash of chicness.

Outfit 2 Soultry and Stylish

Tank- Wal Mart

Over Top- Catos

Skirt- Thrift Store

Wedges- Catos

This outfit gives me girls night vibes. A night of fun times either a movie, but still very chic. Not to flashy or sexy, but with just enough chic to give you that beautiful glow.

Outfit 3Sassy & Classy

Top- Rue 21

Jeans- Wal Mart

Wallet - Rue 21

This is my idea of a date night or an event. This is a more dressy look for any particular events you will attend. Dark Jeans, and a classy top with nice heals alwasy do the trick!

Outfit 4 Bold & Vibrant

Top- Forever 21

Wind pants- Thrifting

Heels- Catos

The statement piece is designed for you to reveal your own unique eye in fashion. Any event that you desire to reveal your creaitivity in fashion these bold peices are essential for. Having bold attire allows your personality to be revealed without speaking a word.

Thank You for visiting His Daughter's Closet

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