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Single & Strong

Finding your inner strength as a single woman…. Is challenging. If you constantly listen to others or watch instagram relationships you will quickly desire for something similar.

Single women battle certain missiles not just from family members but others looking in. They wonder

why she is okay with being single?

Why is she so strong?

Where did she get it from?

Where is she taking it?

The more you are confident in your singleness, the more others will embrace it. Sticking to the path that God has called you on is a path that very few take and it will come with tears and lonely nights, but the rewards are beyond your wildest dreams. My single sisters are in positions for transfiguration. You are open to intimate devotion with God. Although, you have a strong relationship with God, doesn’t mean the challenges won’t come. It means when they do you now have a spiritual backbone to withstand the testing of your faith.

Single ladies we have to uplift ourselves. We don’t have a boo to call us beautiful daily, it’s up to us to speak life and positivity over ourselves. Single women don’t get hugged or held, so we must hug and hold ourselves. We must tell ourselves how beautiful and phenomonal we are. When challenges come we don’t have a man to help with the situation, but we do have God. Although, God is not a natural being we can find comfort, guidance and love when we seek Him.

The truth is you must dig deep inside and seek the comfort their. Singleness isn’t for the ones that are quick to yell retreat. It’s for the ones with heart and faith to keep going. It’s for the ones that no longer want to settle. It’s for the ones that would rather serve God instead of lay in bed with a man, they know is not their husband. It’s for the one that has a inner faith that says I can make it through.

Finding your inner strength is tapping into the Power of God. Through God you can walk this out effectively. You will receive wisdom and incite in marvelous ways. You will see your life transformed while others see it too. Yes, girl this path will reveal to you the true beauty that lingers within. The true fight that is still inside of you. The true fire. You can do this! I am rooting for you and God is with you!

-The Awakened Daughter

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