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Purity Ring

Every day I wear my purity ring. A ring that I bought almost 5 years ago, but still has so much meaning. There have been days when I took it off due to all the struggles that have come with it. The struggle of being unattractive to men because I wanted to wait for marriage, the struggle of my body wanting to do one thing, but my heart knowing I had come too far to turn my back on God.

This ring has seen my tears, my lonely nights, my healing times, and the situations I have gotten myself into. It’s watched me slip and it’s watched me find my footing again.

This ring is more than just a little thing on my finger; it’s a reminder. A daily reminder that almost 5 years ago I finally chose me.

I finally chose to stop settling for sorta-kinda-right relationships.

I finally stopped settling for just trying to hurry and be a wife.

I stopped selling myself short.

I finally stopped ignoring God's voice and started listening to it.

This one decision has shifted my life. It gave me time for healing, and most of all, it opened me up to a renewed, deep, overwhelming relationship with Jesus. I didn’t do this on my own. I actually failed many times when I tried it on my own, but when I began to lean into God and seek His desires and not mine, things shifted.

It’s still not always fun, especially the nights I just want to be with my future husband. But when I look back on the past 5 years, my life shows what God does for you when you finally just give Him what He has been asking for all along…

Your Heart.

Today, prayer journal about seeing yourself as Worthy, and how you are Worth So Much More than what we have been settling for!

You are Worthy, Daughter!

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1 commentaire

Amen Sis, I can really relate this. I’ve been trusting God for my future husband for just about 10 years. Like you said there are a lot of ups and downs in the process. I never thought about a ring. Where did you find yours?

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