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Not Your Average Single WOMAN!

Have you ever felt single and not ready to mingle? Have you ever seen your friends getting in new relationships and married, but something inside just knew it was not your time? Has your heart cried out for God more than a new mate? Have you desired the will and presence of God more than you desired marriage?

The truth is we as single women aren't always available. God directs the seasons of nature just like He directs the season of our lives. He guides, equips, sustains, and blesses. We must acknowledge if God has made us available to be pursued or is He still doing His handy work on us for our greater good.

When we can acknowledge the cry of our hearts we then can identify our season. When we don't know the season we tend to get into the wrong things. For instances, in the dead of winter we don't wear flip flops and tank tops outside. Just as if we are in a preparation season we don't go out and get married. Understanding our seasons allows us to see exactly what God is still doing within us.

If we loook into our hearts and see past ex lovers still lingereing or childhood hurts, or past abuse that hasn't been dealt with, this reveals that God has purposefully called us to this season for healing. Acknowledging your in a healing season gives God His desired time to make all things new. This is the time you get away from dating,"Netflix and Chill" and purposefully began bettering your walk in the Lord.

As single women we have uninterreptued devotion with God and we can use this time to get delivered, renewed, and a new vision for life. Don't let this time pass you without getting all God has for you in this season.

Identify what God is doing in your life and when you feel as if your ready to take a step into dating look to see what your hearts deepest cry is. Most will see it's for peace, fulfillment, direction, hope, and love. Give God the open door access and He will give you exactly what you need!

Dr. Myles Munroe

"Your Marriage is only as good as your Singleness"

-the Awakened Daughter

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