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Content In Singleness

In college, I would always come across spoken words, and sermons about singleness, but cringed at the thought of being single. The truth is that much of my worth, validation, and hopes tied to men. If I wasn't sexy, or appealing to a man then I felt useless. It made sense that I couldn't fathom the thought of singleness. However, in all my sickness and perverted ways, that was exactly what I needed!

Being single wasn't a plague as I thought, it turned out to be one of my most life-changing experiences thus far. In singleness, I learned the power of being set apart. Being set apart isn't a bad thing it's actually transformational. The words tell us in Hosea 3:3 "You must live alone for many days; do not go out with other men nor be a prostitute, and I will wait for you".

The word reveals the power in "being alone for many days". Being alone or set apart gives us time to renew our strength in the Lord. To put off all the old ways and grab ahold to the new ways of God. In our time alone we learn the necessary lessons, gain healing, receive freedom from past sinful ways, and move forward into the "New" that the Lord has for us.

I know, your singleness may be far from content and even farther from being happy to be set apart, but we must shift our minds and allow God to Blossom us into the Women He has called us to Be!

Being Single & Set Apart allows you to focus on flourishing into the best version of you! Stop looking for the Man of Your Dreams and start becoming the Woman of Your Dreams!

Embrace all parts of your Singleness especially being Set Apart!

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