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Building Intimacy With God

Be Free Daughter

Intimacy is a closeness, familiarity and a friendship. However, that never really tied to my relationship with God. It was more like distant, confused, and abandoned. I always wanted intimacy with God, but I didn't exactly know how to experience it nor how to do it.

If you are anything like me then you to have hit many roadblocks in your intimate time with God. I have felt lost, an even like I wasn't doing it right. I began mimicking others intimate time and I still hit a wall.

Finally, I learned that my intimate time with God comes from my personal everyday life. Not, just when I have 15 minutes to sit quietly, but when I am cooking, dancing, and writing this blog post.

Learning How to Hang Out

Intimacy starts with learning how to hang out with God. Embracing God like your best friend who you just want to be around.

Intimacy Requires Time

Like any relationship, Time is our best friend. Time to learn about each other. Time to share our truths and most of all, time to love. Building intimacy with God comes with time. You will not be perfect with it all the time, but soon you will learn the way God ministers to you and the intimacy will grow. Like any relationship you know how someone communicates, you know their voice, you know when they are hurt, and you know when they just want to talk.

This is exactly how your relationship with God will blossom. You will know when He is pulling you to be alone with Him. You will know when your heart just needs to talk to Him. You will know when you need that intimate time with Him.

Freedom comes from Intimacy

Intimacy is how we find freedom in this world. I know the struggle with insecurities, depression, sin, backsliding and everything else under the sun. But, I have learned that those things get the best of me when I am not being intimate with God. When my intimacy lacks with God I began listening to other sources. Many are negative and unfruitful sources. However, you can be free through the Intimacy you have with God.

Free to Be Yourself with Him. He doesn't want you to put on a mask nor does He want you to be fake with Him. True intimacy is when you can bear all your truths even the deep ugly sinful secrets that you cringe at the thought of. Yes, share those. Be free in intimacy with God. Be honest and open, He has what you need.

Be Free Daughter!

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