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Seize The Day

Seize - take hold of suddenly and forcibly.

June is underway and we still are trying to seize the day. Well honestly many of us including myself has failed many days. Making the most out of my day can become hard when I am not organized. Now, dont mistake me I am not talking about busyness, but being productive. I can be busy all day and still feel as if I didn't accomplish the tasks needed for that day.

We must be willing to organize our days to allow alone time with God while still completing daily task.

Getting Organized

Getting organized keeps us from finishing our day exhausted, but feeling like we didn't get anything accomplished. Or going to bed saying "sorry Father I didn't have time today… I will do better tomorrow".

I believe the enemy is trying to take our time. To keep us so caught up with day to day schedules that we miss out on living. We all have a gift of time and each day the time gets shorter and shorter.

We must see our time as a gift and to utilize to the best of our ability.

Seizing the day isn’t about busyness or what you have to do, but about finding serene moments throughout your day to embrace the presence of God. Taking moments throughout our day to acknowledge His light.

How to seize the day?

  1. Prepare the night before: Write a to do list and a set time for prayer and devotion with God.

  2. Wake early: Starting your day early allows free time to do whatever your heart desires and staying on track of the things needed to be completed

  3. Find alone moments with God to commune: Shower, driving, while vacuuming, and anything else can be key moments that can reroute the course of your day.

Each of our Days vary and it's up to us to find the moments that make us feel alive. The euphoric moments do not only show up on vacation or when you are away from your job. It can be any moment of any second. When we see each day as a new gift, we then will embrace all the hills and valleys that may come. Continuously thanking God for His grace and mercy throughout our day, while praying without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17).

That is how you Seize The Day

- The Awakened Daughter

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