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Revamp Your Life

Revamp noun an act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something.

These words sound simple. Revamp your life!

Like you can change your hair style and lose a few pounds and everything will be better. While those are great, many of us are needing an internal revamp. Through lifes hardships and circumstances we have found ourselves locked down and feeling stuck. Feeling as if our freedome to live and be us has been ripped away from us. Some sit behind bars while others sit behind desks. No matter were we are in life, we all can come to a place to revamp our lives.

Each day that we wake up is another day to fight. Another opportunity to get it right, no matter how far we've turned from God. God is not one to keep count of our past mistakes and failures. We can move further in peace and knowing that if no one else forgives us, God does.

Examining our lives can reveal to us the areas we desire to revamp. However, some may be things we have tried before like, Overcoming depression, manage money better, find happiness, love better or whatever else we tryed to improve at. The best thing is that we dont have to fix ourselves.

We have a God that says lean on me in the moments of despair.

Lean on me when you become weary and hopeless.

Lean on me when life seems empty.

Lean on me and I will give you new things that you've never dreamed of. Lean on Me!

Improving our life in form, structure and appearance we must first be willing to allow God to be our leader, provider, helper, supporter, comforter, and everything we will ever need.

These 3 main points are our keys to a life of revamping.

1. Form: bring together parts or combine to create (something)

We all must be willing to bring together all of our pretty, ugly, secret, and unworthy parts to be combined with the love and grace of God. When we bring all of ourselves to God we now in the correct position for the forming of a new life.

2. Structure: construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to

Allowing God to be the King of our lives allows His plan to take place. Not with force, but surrenderance. Us surrending to God gives open opporutunities for newness to spring forth in our lives. No need to worry, Gods organizing our path and giving us new patterns in our daily life to help us follow Him and fulfill the desires of our hearts.

3. Appearance: a process of coming into existence or use.

Once we've been Formed and strategically Structerd in God then we will see it reflect our lives. Everything that takes place spiritually radiats naturally. A revamped live is the real true you coming into existence and being used by God for your family, community, and the world.

Have you ever seen yourself revamped? You know when you see a

better version of yourself in your thoughts of you who you really can become. That is you envisioning a revamped life.

If you don't know how to start just start with God. With your Form, Structure, and Appearance God is there working with you every step of the way.

-Morgan Tracy J.

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