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Perfectly Imperfect

Just for YOU!

I remeber a time when I battled with loving myself and then I quickly realized it’s still an ongoing battle. Somewhere in my walk I pushed aside taking care of me and focused on other responsibilities. I would be quick to take care of daily tasks while leaving myself riding on fumes. I would overlook all the red flashing lights that was telling me their was danger ahead. The danger was me not taking care of myself spiriutally, physcially and mentally. I would go day by day only leaning on God when times got difficult.

Days would go by and I wouldn’t even be aware of all the garbage I was putting in my body through food, entertainment, and conversations. I would always be on an emotional rollercoaster and often wondered why.I still believed God was with me, but was I with Him? He was with me, but my mind and heart was far from Him. I focused more on the perfection than the relationship. I believed that a routine morning devotional and no big sinning kept me in good standing.

I knew the verse "Love your Lord God with all your heart, soul and mind" (Matt. 22:37). However, my soul was drowned out by everything I put above it, my heart was contaminated and my mind was consumed. It was apparent that I couldn’t love God because I wasn’t even loving me. I couldn’t be right in God because everything I was seeking was tangiable. My idea of perfection held me handicap and that showed me how I wasn’t loving myself. I was actually hurting myself by not taking care of my needs and not taking the time needed to spend with God. I was constantly missing out on doing things I loved, and truly living. Instead I chose to beat myself daily with perfection that it left no room to live in the liberty of God. .

The truth was I got so caught up with perfection that living seized and faking was my new norm.

Faking to be liked.

Faking to be approved.

Faking to look like a Christian when in honesty my actions looked like it, but my heart didn’t. I wasn’t seeking God nor thirsting after righteousness.

We can fake like we are all okay, but God is saying "Come to me all who are weary and heavily burdened and I will give rest" (Matt 11:28). The Lord is saying let go of your perfection and daily chains. Allow the God of Grace to gracefully be their for you. Have a trust in God that if you fall He will be there to catch you. No need to fake nor live in the bondage of your own personal idea of perfection. Allow Gods grace to sustain you in all the areas you fall short. You don't have to do this on your own.

Take Time for you and remove all the perfecting ways and be Imperfectly You.

Don’t feel bad that you need time for you. God has given us all unique roles in our lives. Mothers, Sister, Aunts, Daughters, Wives, and many more. We must know that is okay to take time for ourselve and to get us better, in our own Perfectly Imperfect way.

Embrace every petal on your flower while keeping God the center. Each of us are Perfectly Imperfect and He is with us guiding and protecting through every hill and valley. Take time just for you and get your light back shinning brightly. Perfectly Imperfect.

-Morgan Tracy J.

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