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New Sight

The first true sign of peace is when you lived without it so long that one day you're free of guilt, anxiety, and fear. Just in one moment, you experience peace. Nothing changed, the car is still on empty, still having issues with your business, mind, and finances… but something inside has peace.

Peace is another word for rest. When we have peace our soul is at rest. It is no longer searching and running from room to room, but it's, flowing and somehow in that flow, you have serene moments with family, writing, listening to music, dancing, at work, and everyday life. Something just flows, no more forcing, no more fighting, and finally just letting go. Something pushes you past the normal crippling thoughts or anxious feeling and in that moment you are at peace.

New Sight We all have experienced a day or season without peace. Peace is absent when We No Longer have faith.

Time and Time again I would watch my peace be depleted as life-problems would suffocate any faith that I had. People who don’t live in peace are people who are not practicing the faith.

It is our lack of faith and sight that causes us to not embrace the gift of peace that God has for us. Once, we see ourselves and situations clearly through the eyes of faith then we will have the courage to embrace Peace every day.

Take Peace With You

Today, choose to disable the issues that keep you from experiencing Peace. Embrace Your New Sight that chooses Faith over everything. The financial issues... choose faith. The lack of clarity... chooses faith. The confusing feelings... choose faith. The health issues... choose faith.

The peace you desire in the next minute depends on the faith you choose to have in this second.

Psalm 116:7

Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you.

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