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Modestly Chic

Faith & Fashion

Modestly Chic is keeping God first even in your attire. This doesn’t mean to run out and through all your clothes away, but to have an eye to see How God will receive the Glory. Honestly, in my past that was the last thing on my mind. As I wore very tight clothes that were super revealing and didn’t see anything wrong with it.

As my walk with God grew and the call to ministry was apparent I still had a seductive type of style. This is to show you that God even transforms our style! Eventually, we no longer need the sexy validation, but to just embrace the natural beauty that resides on all of us regardless of our attire.

Growing up I loved fashion, but the more I walked with God the more conviction I would get. Not, because fashion is wrong, but the perversion of my motives were wrong. I was quick to put sexy outfits together to catch the eyes of men and seduce them. Seriously, my beauty was already apparent without the help pf provocative attire or seductive motives.

Modestly Chic is a fun and playful way of looking at your attire. Modesty is showing that you make conscious decision with attire not conforming to society, but standing up and being set apart.

Chic allows you to still add your spin of flava or uniqueness.

Modestly Chic is for embracing your style, and allowing God to receive the Glory through your appearance and manner. It doesn’t mean that a certain style of fashion is wrong, but allowing our creative eye and our own personal style ministers to others.


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