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Live Today!

Through daily life and schedules, we must be able to stop and smell the flowers. We must be able to put all the things on hold to recollect, refocus and get back grounded. For many years in college, I couldn’t just stop I was so used to being on the go and so quick that it wouldn’t be until late nights after studying when I would finally breathe and relax. I was doing a lot, but I wasn’t gaining a lot. I was more tired then the day before and could barely recollect what I had studied or gone over in lecture. I would hurry through the campus trying to get to my next

destination while missing the beauty of the changing seasons all around me. I would miss the unfamiliar smiles from other students along the way and most of all I would miss living.

Living isn’t about how busy you can be in a day, it is about being busy, but still being able to stop and take in all the beauty around you. Many days would pass by before I would take a break to refocus on God and the beautiful life He had granted me.

Now, that college schedules are no more, I know to take a few minute breaks just to say "thank you, Lord". I know to stop what I am doing and go outside just to breathe in the air and thank God for another day. I know life gets overwhelming but we must never stop seeing the beauty. We must always remember to take some time to acknowledge all our amazing blessings.

Today, In the midst of your daily life take moments to stop what you're doing and go alone to talk to God. This will help you find balance and peace.

I am rooting for you and God is with You!

-Morgan Tracy J.

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