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Letting Go Off Perfect (Prayer Journal Prompt)

Getting started with prayer journaling can be intimidating. "What should I write about", "What if I'm not consistent" are areas that will fog our minds and keep us from trying it.

Personal Experience

When I began journaling I never realized I was sending my hearts cry to God. I just knew I had a lot of fears, doubts, and emotions that I needed somewhere to lay off the burden.

Journaling became my escape. When I couldn't communicate the conviction to God or all my bad deeds I did so in journaling. When I couldn't speak the words of my hearts cry, journaling could. When I was knee deep in sin and couldn't find a way out my prayer journal captured all of it.

Letting Go of Perfect

I say all that to say, don't think you have to be perfect to start praying journaling or you have to let go of a big sin before you start. No, sweetie actually it's the perfect time to start.

Start without trying to be perfect and just be free. Free to be honest, frank, politically incorrect and everything else. Don't write with perfection write with all your imperfections. Let your heart and mind wonder from question to ideas. Let the questions begin to minister into similar places of your life.


Prayer Journaling is meant to be freeing. A place where you can be unapologetically you. With your flaws and all, that's what God wants. He wants all of us. The real us.

I know I couldn't be who I am today, without prayer journaling my biggest flaws, sins, and setbacks. It gave me the understanding of my situation and freedom to not have to hide my true feelings.

Prayer journaling came for me at a time when I was running from God. I didn't want the call. I didn't want the obedience. However, through journaling came surrender and from surrender came a better version of myself and it is still ongoing.

I pray your Prayer Journaling experience will lead you to new depths of yourself and God.

Happy, Journaling!

- Morgan Tracy J.

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