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How to Be Single & Faithful

You may think how does being single and faithful go together? I am single I have nobody to be faithful too! Well, actually you do, being faithful to yourself is a big piece of the pie to our singleness, growth, and development. When we are faithful to ourselves we become empowered, but what does being faithful to yourself really look like?

Each of us it will vary, but a big part is being faithful to your word. We all say things like “I’ve learned my lesson”, but when opportunities arise and we run back after the thing that had us bound for so long.

Personal For me, it was men, validation, and sex! I would over and over again tell myself, “ I ain’t going to his spot no more cause I know it’s only gonna consist of talking to lead to sex and if we haven’t sexed then we are about to have sex”. See I knew the truth, but I wasn’t able to be faithful to my word. The better version of me lived within, but every time I came across it I would revert back to what I once knew.

Faithful to You We have to acknowledge if we can’t be faithful in our singleness we won’t be faithful in our marriage. We must know our marriages is only as good as our singleness and being faithful to ourselves will cause us to be faithful to others.

Faithful to the Father Most of all we have to be faithful to God. That little small voice that lays within us telling Don't go there... Don’t do that… be careful… don’t jump in too quick. Many of us have overlooked that voice and chose to do it our way.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. When you hear that little word inside say

“Let Him Go"

"Stop Settling"

"You deserve more than this"

"You are Enough"

"Get up leave this old behind"

Hearing and obeying that word ignites faith.

Take Away Today, take away that yes in singleness you must be faithful. Faithful to the requirement, discernment, and leading of God.

What are some areas you haven't been faithful to yourself and God about? Eating healthy, letting someone go, stop using profanity, no matter what it is you can always try again!

Being Faithful to the better version of you allows your Singleness to be life changing!

-Morgan Tracy J.

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