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Get Your Confidence Back

Life can overtake us at times and before we know it we put all of our wants and care on the soon to do list.

I remembered back to a season where I was loving myself. Taking the time to feel beautiful. I know this sounds so simple, but many of us go day to day without feeling beautiful or even worthy. Today I want to inspire you to get your confidence back and remember who you are.

You are an amazing beautiful worthy woman with a man or without. You are fabulous, sexy and attractive no matter the size of your pants or the number on the scale. You are gorgeous and if some how along this journey of life if you’ve forgotten I am just sending a reminder.

It is okay to love yourself and shower you with love especially when you know that life has been getting you down and insecurities have been holding you hostage. Today take time to dress up a little more and feel fabulous in the woman you are today.Whatever took your confidence choose to take it back. It could be a feeling of inadequacy, weight gain, heartbreak, or social media.

Today Get Your Confidence Back!

-the Awakened Daughter

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