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For The Overwhelmed Woman | Riding On Grace

Have you ever heard the saying “riding on fumes” well... Today I want to talk to you about Riding on Grace. The truth is we can find ourselves in seasons where we don’t see God and we get stuck in a lack of belief. Have you ever looked up and wondered where did that passion go? Where did your fire for God go? Where did your passion and fire for life go?

Well, the truth is some people in the world ride on fumes meaning they have no more of the fuel and they are just trying to get by. If you’ve ever found yourself in that season then brace yourself because there is great news.

Stop riding on fumes and Ride on Grace. Riding on Grace is when you don’t even know what is going on in Life and you have peace to Know your Dad is working on your behalf. Even when you are in the midst of an anxiety attack and think nothing is working out you can have an inner knowing that everything will be okay.

That is riding on Grace that even when your bills are due you can know that your Daddy is already aligning the perfect route to get them paid. Grace allows you to be the biggest mess up and His grace still covers you.

At times in my life when my faith was wavering, I would see God show up in major ways that would lead me to more of a fire for Him once again. When you're in a valley or a rough season of life don’t ride on Fumes.. Ride on Grace and lean into God. No matter how hard things get it will all work for your Good! (Gen. 50:20)

Riding on Grace allows major moves to happen in your life, while you are left standing there stunned at how things came together. When nothing you did could've brought things together like God did.. That is Grace.

When life gets overwhelming.. stop riding on fumes and Start Riding On Grace!

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