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Finding Your Inner Courage

When we think of courage we think of someone standing tall and brave and going against an army or something. However, we see in the word it can be translated as “take heart”. Courage starts in the heart. This is a heart decision, not just one of the mind.

When we look at our lives we see seasons that we had to take heart. Seasons when we had to push ourselves past obstacles, decide to sit in heartbreak or push past fear. Taking heart or being courageous isn’t always standing tall. The truest form is letting go.

One night I sat on my office floor in tears. I had my plans, but God was pulling me to take a new route. As the path continued to get illuminated before me... I didn’t want it! I was comfortable, making money and pretty happy. This I battled with as I kept resisting the prompting of God. I finally said "okay". This took the deepest courage I’ve ever had to muster. I had to give up my ideal plan, the path I was on. The thing I walked through many nights as I lay in bed. The path I daydreamed about on many occasions. The path I had gotten so comfortable with, God was calling me away from it. As I struggled inside I knew I had to trust Him.

I wasn’t standing tall, I didn’t look strong like David when he beat Goliath... at that moment with tears rushing down my face, I was courageous because I surrendered once again. I chose to take heart and be brave and trust that God knew what He was doing!

True Courage is not revealed in our own strength, but when we turn our hearts to God’s will. We may look weak, but we really are strong due to the one we trust!

Today Find Your Inner Courage!

Scripture for Inspiration

"David shouted, "You come to me with a sword and a spear, but I come to you in the Name of The Lord..." "The Lord does not depend on weapons to fulfill his plans- He works without regard to human means!"

(1 Sam. 17:45 & 47)

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