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Fight the Write Way

Prayer Journaling is a unique way to communicate with God. Each woman has her own little unique form of communication with God. However, many would agree that writing out the things they truly can’t say aloud to others, helps.

Have you ever been in a season in your life where you felt you couldn’t talk to anyone? I once battled with depression, but didn’t know how to share it with others so, I took to prayer journaling more frequently. Although, it did cause me to look at all my darkness, it brought me much comfort in knowing that every word and tear on the pages of my journal God would not allow to go void.

Who is prayer Journaling for?

  • Prayer journaling is for the new mother that doesn’t know how to cope exactly.

  • Prayer journaling is for the single woman who has many intimate desires, but can’t truly share with anyone.

  • Prayer journaling is the High school student who just wants to be understood.

  • Prayer journaling is for the wife of 15 years who is at a mid life crossroads.

  • Prayer journaling is for the insecure, broken, hurt and abused girl.

Prayer journaling is you allowing your heart's deepest cry to be revealed. God lives within us and He continues to examine the content of our hearts. It is up to us to have the ear to hear. To be aware of His presence to hear the sound of the Lord.

Our prayer journals can reveal that sound. Many of my most intimate times with God has been in prayer journaling. I have received revelation, deliverance, and maturity all through writing in my prayer journal.

For the real women with busy schedules, loud houses, and full agendas the prayer journal method is for you. A warm cup of coffee in the morning or a hot cup of tea at night. Choosing time to spend with your prayer journal opens you up to see all Gods goodness and direction.

When we take time to prayer journal we take time to get our hearts back revived. After a busy day and riding on fumes of kindness, hope, filling up with intimate conversations with God through prayer journaling brings such an inner joy and peace.

The next time you feel as if life is overtaking you take some time to Fight the Write Way.

-the Awakened Daughter

Need more Inspiration to fight the write way? Head on over to my youtube channel to hear more about it!

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