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Fall Lookbook

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

You may be tempted to throw on another pair of sweatpants and a big t-shirt. However, I want to challenge you to dress like the woman you were called to be. We can dress for the woman we are today, or we can dress for the woman God has called us to be.

Dress like the woman that is empowered, confident and that sees past the missing teeth, acne scars, and extra curves. See Yourself as beautiful, confident and the apple of your Father's Eye!

Before you grab that usual t-shirt I challenge you to plan to take an afternoon for you!

Just you and your Closet!

Step 1. Go Into Your Closet

It's easy to think you have nothing to wear, but you do it's just that you are piecing them all wrong. So, before you go out and buy a new piece of clothing or a whole new wardrobe Step into your closet with new eyes.

Step 2. Find Your Favorite Pieces to Wear

Start off with only grabbing your favorite items and next grab items that you like, but can seem to wear enough. This is how you pull outfits together.

Step 3. Play around with outfits

Next, turn on some music, stand in front of your body length mirror and try on different tops and bottoms. I always like to start with a blue jean and put different tops together. Don't shy away fro the tops you don't like, at least try them on because they may look way better than you originally thought.

Step 4. Add Your Flair

Although, you may think your outfit looks bomb, it's all about looking like the better version of you! So, don't forget that pair of earrings you rarely every wear or that belt you never use. Don't forget your accessories like the bag hanging on your wall could really make this your look pop. Adding your flair is getting creative and making an outfit work for you!

Step 5. Feel Confident in Your Skin!

Truthfully, we all have flaws and insecurities, but even with all of that, we are beautiful. Our hearts are pure, our hair is nice, our eyes are gorgeous, our smile can light up a room, our laughter is contagious and our joy for living in Jesus warms hearts. Be confident today in who are you, because of you Beautiful! You are Worthy! You are Chosen! You are Set Apart!

"Now, Dress like the Woman You are Called To Be!"

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