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Everyday Women

Many of us including myself are just everyday women, from forcing

ourselves out of bed to the first scent of our aroma of coffee and life's busy responsibilities. We all are everyday women. Women that hurt, feel, fear, laugh, play, and most of all love.

Sometimes we can look into our everyday life and feel as if it’s missing substance. As if we are missing out and life is going on without us as we sit stuck in daily schedules and emotions.

The truth is your life does have substance from the moment you wake up and roll over and see your husband, child, dog, or phone, your day has meaning. Even, when you jump out of bed ready to take on the day, you dear have substance.

Even as you pick up the dirty laundry and begin to separate the colors from the darks. You, Sweetheart, have purpose. Even you that stays at the library until late you have intention. You who reads article after article and loves to learn, you have it also.

Nothing is wrong with being an Everyday Women,we all are. Every day we battle challenges inside our families, communities, and bodies, and every day we overcome. Every day we battle emotions that want to pull us left or right, but we stay strong. Every day We Live and Every day We Conquer.

To You the Everyday Woman!

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