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Embracing Your Personal Style

Personal style is a must! Today in our society many people imitate others style. Each time a famous celebrity wears something new, many others attempt to wear the same thing. However, in our walks with God we all were created different for a reason. Imitating others covers up all the unique pieces that you have already been laying within.

Imagine the little girl who plays dress up and love what she is wearing. Although, to us we would think it was crazy and or bold. She sees beautiful. It's her own personal style and uniqueness. She doesn't pick her clothes to be sexy or attractive to anyone. She embraces her personal style and loves what she wears.

Personal style can be revealed in many different ways, but the key to embracing your personal style is forget what others think. Forget how they feel about your outfit, forget if they laugh at your outfit, and know when you embrace your personal style others will look at you differently. Others will say "why are you wearing that?" or they will say "I love that were did you get it?". Regardless, how people respond to your outfits is their issue not yours! When you embrace your personal style, while being the woman God created you can't go wrong! You can wear only big flowy skirts, dresses or nice pants. It's up to you to embrace all of you!

Fashion reflects our personality and creativity. Finding ways for my personality to be revealed while still staying modest has become quite easy. I personally wear things that make me feel like the Daughter of God. Have you ever got dressed up and felt so much better? This we to can use to our benefit when walking with God.When I truly feel like Gods Daughter in an outfit then I know I nailed it! The best way to reflect God is walking in His presence daily and yes your clothes can help that!

Let Your personal style shine through. We already see so many people that dress alike. Why not switch it up and be different?

You were created to be set apart! Embrace Your Personal Style

-The Awakened Daughter

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