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Dressing for the Better You

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Years ago, if someone would've told me I would embrace modesty, I would've laughed.

Dressing modest didn't come easy to me. I liked my attire and it was a relationship I had with it for years. Even today, I can think back to the stuff I wore and I was literally screaming for attention.

But with God and patience, I soon learned that I didn't have to wear the tight, low cut attire. I also learned that I didn't need that to attract a man.

I realized I was dressing for the day, but God was wanting to clothe me in who I was going to be.

We put on old clothes that no longer fit and it's no longer in style for us and we wonder why it doesn't feel quite right.

Well, it's not supposed too. God changes us from the inside out and when the inside is cleaned the outside reflects it. So, instead of dressing for them, or your previous self, Why not dress for the woman God is calling you to be? Is it a creative artist, a godly entrepreneur or even boho chic. Regardless, you can add a whole lot of modesty with still a splash of chic.

Modesty is different for each of us, but dressing for who you are called to be you can't go wrong!

This week embrace who you are called to be by dressing for the occasion and showing up for your life!

Challenge: Look in your closet and grab 3 items that pull on who you are called to be. These items should bring you joy and make you feel beautiful! Now, wear at least 1 this week and do that every week until all you wear are clothes that reflect the better version of you!

Watch the Video Here:

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1 Comment

Jun 13, 2019

"God changes us from the inside out and when the inside is cleaned the outside reflects it." Come on now! I've also walked down that path as well and dressed a certain way for the attention of boys or to obtain the approval/validation of others. I'm so grateful God checked my heart and reminded me that I'm royalty.

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