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Dig Deeper!

How are you feeling today?

Well, the truth is I ate a bit much yesterday evening, but I realize a fast isn’t fast if you're not being vulnerable, real, raw and open before God. See this isn’t like the usual devotion were we sit down very righteous with the Word and pray some prayers for loved one and others and read a few bible verses and go on with our day! No, God is requiring more of us! Not the usual or the typical us, but He is calling us to the places we don’t want to go! The deeper inner ugly parts that we

have not quite let go of yet, the parts that want to cry out to Him, but our hardened hearts won't let us.

God isn’t looking for the pretty, cleaned, got it all together you.

He isn’t calling the prideful you or self-absorbed, He is calling for you too look deep into yourself and reflect. The deeper you go the deeper revelation you will receive. A shift happens when we are willing to see the areas that need change and get so desperate before God that we give up everything! Don’t let this fast go by just playing it safe, break free from ungodly views. Break free from your

minds negative talk. Create an altar in your bedroom today and cry before the Lord. Lay at His feet and weep. Release All that is trying to keep you bound. All shame, guilt, unanswered prayers, or fears. Remember, He is the Doorkeeper and we are to hear His voice so it will lead us out. (John 10:3) We are to listen for His voice, seek His voice, obey His voice and be willing to hear with the ear of the Mind. When God speaks it’s not always audible, but a slight whisper in the mind that is leading you closer to Him and out of the darkness of your situation. Come Deeper Today!

Make Day 2 the Day of Digging Deep! Happy Fasting!

John 10:3 "To Him, the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice and he calls His own sheep by name and leads them out"

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