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Dear Single Ladies

I know many days we can get lonely and wonder when will it be our turn. We also may think something is wrong with us because no one is pursuing us. I have been there. First off have you ever thought that God has purposely hidden you for a time being for his Glory? Maybe you are in a season of preparation and He doesn’t want you getting sidetracked. Have you ever thought that maybe the God you serve has personally cleared out your phone and the men that were pursuing you to get closer to you? What if God did this for you to no longer run to the dead end relationships by trying to overcome the feelings of loneliness.

Maybe, even in all your hurt and trials, God is still in control. What if the distance of friends and heartbreak is God's will. What if the challenges that look you in your face daily is God wanting to reveal Himself more and more in the midst of adversity.

Single ladies be empowered today to not grow weary in well-doing. Don't believe you are unworthy of a man, but that you are worthy of all that God has for you. You do deserve the Blessings of God, not because of your works or credentials, but because of God's love for you. I know the season may feel like it will never end, but soon you will see the caterpillar get its wings. You had to go away for awhile and be hidden and healed, but God is doing a good work in you. He is preparing you for your blessing. Don’t lose the faith, grab ahold of Jesus and move forward.

Single Ladies I am rooting for you and God is with you!

-The Awakened Daughter

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