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Crushed. Broken. Bruised.

How many of us have had a broken bone? Carried a cast? Healed from an injury?

I have! I was 5 years old, playing dodgeball at an after school program, when a child ran up, while I was lying on the ground, sideways, yanked the ball from under my RIGHT (writing) arm and BAM my right arm hit the concrete pavement. I remember wearing that bright highlighter pink cast for almost one month, and my my, did my skin get itchy under that cast.

My other kindergarten buddies may have thought I was enjoying rocking my stylish cast, yet truthfully, I wore it to help heal the broken arm underneath of it!

Furthermore, recently, while working at Dairy Queen, I opened up a food box and there slid one of my coworkers' phone into a bucket of soap water! When she removed her strong and designer phone case, the ACTUAL phone had all these broken pieces on the back of it and thus it DEFINITELY had water damage to it because its inner parts were exposed.

I share these two scenarios to explain the importance of being truly HEALED. In my broken arm situation, I NEEDED that cast in order to get HEALED for something underneath it. The cast was a public statement that SOMETHING is broken or wrong and now I am being HEALED.

The second scenario was an I-phone that seemed to be put together, because of the great protective case. Yet, when you further investigate it, there were broken and damaged pieces underneath that outer shell covering. Needless to say, I had to give $300 for that phone being damaged! There went my first paycheck from Dairy Queen!

I say all of this to say that we got to be okay being healed publicly. That honestly, we are HEALED by the sharing of our testimonies. All of our testimonies can be that once we were broken and now God has HEALED us. It's truly “God’s Amazing GRACE and Oh How sweet the sound!” Bring you BROKEN, because God can do something TRULY BEAUTIFUL with the broken pieces of anyone’s life!

Why be “put together” on the outside, yet shattered, damaged and broken on the inside? I think of the number of cracked phones among us. The inner workings are shattered, battered and bruised. And now relay that to our brothers and sisters, the lives of people we walk among day by day. They’ve got broken hearts, shattered dreams, battered identities. I want the Lord to make me new, to make us all new. I want God to create a new heart for us all. God can do all things new. Why should any of us go around “seeming to be okay” and truthfully there is a brokenness within us? It's time we give God our brokenness and he can HEAL us and make something truly BEAUTIFUL out of us!

Weekly Scripture

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Revelations 12:11

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This Blog was written by Marlene Michel, HDC Blog Team

Feel free to follow Marlene on Instagram at @marlene__michel

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