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Being Free From (Ex-Lovers)

Driving on an old Texas road when God began dealing with unforgiveness in my heart. He reveled it me by how I felt about a certain ex that caused me a lot of trauma and pain. I began to angry thinking of this man and what He did to me and at that moment I still had unforgiveness. I was angry at how he took my innocence and left me broken. I was angry that He instilled so many things in me that God was still making me unlearn.

But somehow in all that anger, I realized through the Holy Spirit that the root was fear. Fear that He thought I was ugly, unsuccessful, unattractive, and unworthy. All these "uns" is how I felt when I thought about him. "Un" means a lack thereof and that's exactly how I felt. I felt like since him I have lacked. Since the hurt, he caused he took somethings I could never get back. He took my innocence, my youth, and a lot more.

However, at this moment the Lord helped me heal. He showed me the anger was just fear covered up. Fear of lacking and never being enough for anybody. He also, showed me that my mindset was the key factor keeping me from forgiving him and moving on.

Yes, that man took things from me, but God has given me better. He has restored the years of my youth. He has given me back the days I lost in that hurt. God has healed me and helped me through it all and most of all I am free from that man and that relationship. I am free from that hurt and free to be with God.

Today, as I reflect over that weekend drive on an old backroad in Texas, I realized that God speaks to us and to the roots of our hurts which heals us. We heal, by facing the truth and moving forward in forgiveness. I lacked unforgiveness for him because I still lacked it in myself and still believed that I was unworthy of a good relationship.

Relationships have major roles in our lives and they can shape us for good or bad. However, they no longer have to hold us captive to their views, beliefs, or trauma. Be Free By Being Honest.

Today, write about an ex that you may still have resentment or bitterness towards and let the Spirit of Truth minister to you and help you let go of the things keeping you tied to them.

On Mondays We Prayer Journal

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