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5 Tips for the Single Ladies

Single Ladies

This is coming from a single lady that gets just as lonely, not from the usual lady that is happily married and gives you all the advice from their singleness. It’s coming from a young single woman who does get lonely and wonders…. "Should I just lower my standards and hit these dudes back in my dm’s"? Then wisdom and previous life lessons stops me in my tracks and once again reveals to me that Wisdom wins.

I can tell how to keep yourself busy and make new friends, but honestly todays tips are more visual. Coming from a 24 year old woman, these are some of the best tips I could give you in your singleness. Also, this is for the single lady who refuses to settle for a sorta kinda manyou know sorta kinda right, but sorta kinda wrongfirst name Luke last name Warm.. That is my favorite quote when speaking on this subject. The lady who would rather sleep in bed alone than in the arms of the wrong man. The Lady who would rather cry herself to sleep instead of running back into the arms of that ex. This is for the lady that knows, not just anybody can approach her or date her. To this Lady here are some tips on how to embrace your singleness and to see all the beauty that life holds even for A SINGLE LADY!

  1. Time: Time to focus on your personal well being. Time for healing, Time for Revival, Time for YOU! Time is overlooked daily, but you as a single women have a priveledge that not many have. Use your time wisely and embrace each day!

2. Travel: No Man? Who cares, go to a new place, if it’s traveling by plane or car find new places and new opportunities to experience. A new coffee shop, fashion shows, and anything else that appeals to your personality Go Girl Go!

3. Play: Do the things that make you feel alive! Go to a dance class or just throw on music and dance in your room! A walk, festival, or conference, options are limitless. Never stop playing and bring out that inner child in you. That girl that doesn't care about the judgement of others, but who lives fearlessly! Go Play!

4. Build: With all this available time and living be sure to build! Build your empire, visions and dreams. Build your faith. Build your discipline and build that Joy. Build that lifes calling in this process you will experience lifes beautiful blessing when you tap into the your calling!

5. LIVE: Living starts with you breaking through the lonely moments and falling back in love with yourself and the life God has graciously given you. Smell the flowers, embrace nature, and make everyday beautiful just like you are! Embrace your singleness and LIVE DAILY!

6. Men: No advice on how to get a man... but I will say whatever you desire in a man, be sure you are already that as a woman. Don't get caught up on fantasizing about your future mate, but get caught up on the intimate relationship with God. Spend evenings with Abba (Father), wake up late in the night and praise Him. Awaken early in the morning with a joyous heart ready for intimate communion with Him. Singleness is no plague, but an open opportunity to embrace God in a new way!

Don't waste your singleness! Live Each Day

-The Awakened Daughter

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