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3 Books to READ this Summer

The summer is here and if you have found yourself with a lot of downtimes then reading can really be beneficial. Instead of scrolling on Instagram before you fall to sleep try reading a book that pulls on your heart and makes you desire Jesus more and more.

So, on the summer days when it's too hot to go outside or the summer nights when everyone is asleep grab a book and let it take you on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Here Are My Top 3 Books to Read this Summer

1. Overcoming Crisis- Dr. Myles Munroe Now, you don't have to be in a hard season to read this book. This book speaks about our attitudes and views during the tests of life and how we can make those downfalls and failures lead us to our ultimate comeback. If you need a push to move forward then this is the book that will inspire you to make your summer an adventure.

2. Love Warrior- Glennon Doyle This is the type of book that you will get lost in. You will be following along with the story picking up all the details of Glennon's life and then bam you end up seeing your own life's truths. This book caused me to dig deep into my own distorted views and even to take a stand on choosing to love myself better. Love warrior can be for the insecure girl, lost young adult, fearful woman, unfulfilled wife, or the to-hard-on-herself Mother. You will learn to embrace love and compassion in all areas of your life.

3. Blossom In Your Singleness- Morgan Tracy J. This book isn't just for the single woman, it's actually for all women who want to see a change in their life from any old feelings, sinful deeds, and soul ties. This book is to help women find healing which leads to the discovery of their true selves. By sharing my own personal mistakes and lessons I pour out my flaws to help you. If you have a sinful act that you can't stop doing or if you feel lost or stuck in life, if you need direction and guidance or if you are needing to let go of past hurt this book is for you. You will find clarity and purpose during each step to help you Blossom in Your Everyday Life!

I hope this summer is magical for you and you can find the first 2 books at your local library (like I did)! And you can purchase my E-Book Here! May you have a summer of learning, growing, sowing, and flowing into a Greater You!

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