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Your Garden

Sitting in my car back at the same place I was years priors. When life got too heavy, when depression came sneaking in I would go back to this park. When parts of me didn't understand what God was doing... I'd come back here...

Over a year later I'm back, sitting in my car, contemplating, "why am I here, should I get out?"

The truth is, we all have to go back to our Gardens. Back to the place when our soil was ready, it had been tilled and thorns and rocks had been removed. We have to go back to a place where our soil is ready for God to plant new seeds.

Every time I go back to that park, that is me getting down and dirty and preparing my soil.

Our Garden is the place we can cry out, bring up the old past hurt, deal with the trauma, get honest and real about our feelings.

It's in the Garden when we can begin again. We can start over and go harder for God. He isn't missing, He isn't silent, He is upset with you...

He is in Your Garden... Go Back there and find Him. Go back to the place when your heart was so tender and eager for Gods Word and Desires.

In Your Garden is when you find freedom.

This week choose to go to place that is just for you. A place of peace and understanding, A place of overwhelming joy. A place where God removes all the stones and thorns.

A place that is ready for all God is wanting to do with you!

It's Time to Get Back In Your Garden.

Matthew 13:8

"Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop--a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown."

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Morgan Tracy J
Morgan Tracy J
21 jan. 2019

Later this week, be on the lookout it will come through your email.


21 jan. 2019

Hi Morgan, when will you have restock on the Arise Bundle kit?

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