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You Can Have It All!

2021 has been the year that my faith has been tested the most.

This has been the year I found myself having sleepless nights and a lot of tears. The year that my faith was shaken and I was holding on for dear life. This has been a year of crushing, releasing, and unfolding.

I share this with you because having it all doesn’t matter if you don’t have what really matters. What's the point of having the big house if you are still depressed? What’s the point of getting the surgery if you are still deeply insecure? What’s the point of running after all the things that can’t truly fill your void within?

See, I speak from experience. In my younger years, I ran to men, to fill my voids. Then I ran to men and alcohol to fill my voids, and then I ran to the opinions of others to fill my voids. Until I realized none of these could fill the void, and fulfillment only came through faith and hope in Jesus Christ.

No one forced Jesus on me. I didn’t grow up Christian. However, I choose Jesus, not because of others, but only because He filled me up in ways I had never experienced before. He showered me with a love and acceptance I never knew before. He gave me a new name and identity in Him. After all of that, I realized having it all had nothing to do with the car I drove, the degrees I had or didn’t have, nor the amount of money in my account. Having it all only relied on one thing, and that was having faith in Jesus.

When I embraced faith in Jesus, everything I thought I was lacking turned into everything He used to prosper me and give me hope for my future.

Faith in Jesus, helped me get through depression.

Faith in Jesus, helped me conquer anxiety.

Faith in Jesus, helped me get through mental breakdowns.

Faith in Jesus, helped me feel loved even while lonely.

Faith in Jesus, helped me see myself clearly.

Faith in Jesus was the entire key to me having it all.

So, my goal is to tell you, you can have it all, because you have JESUS. And with Him you have everything you need. All the love, all the joy, all the acceptance, all the peace, all the hope, all the resources, and all that He promises will be added to you.

Weekly Scripture

“Seek First the Kingdom of God and all His Righteousness and all these things

will be added to you”

Matthew 6:33

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