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Woman of Your Dreams

Years ago, I believed life just happened to me. I would look at dead-end relationships and life struggles and felt like I had no form of control. I was truly just running on autopilot and going with the flow of life, with no real direction. Until one day, I saw myself within myself.

This dream cut me to my core, because it was a version of myself I had never seen. This version of me was confident, beautiful, glowing, and was on a stage speaking to a room full of people. I remember walking to the stage and seeing all these lights. I remember the confidence I felt, and the beauty I saw. And when I woke up, I was still a depressed college student roaming through life on autopilot.

This vision was the first key to me becoming the woman of my dreams. I first had to see her, and once I did see her, I then had something to go after, something better to pursue instead of just focusing on the here and now.

Secondly, I had to adopt the mentality that I was “sorry not sorry”. This meant that I wasn’t going to dim down my light any longer to make someone else shine brighter. I wasn’t going to apologize for my drive, my goals, my faith, and my life.

I was going to live fearlessly and be that woman that I saw, my better version of myself.

Third, I had to set goals for myself. This meant I trusted God's vision. I made goals that I'd one day launch a ministry, write books, and get on that stage and speak, just like in my vision.

These goals began small, like spending time with God, studying the Word, learning about ministry, website design, etc.

Fourth, I had to have standards and morals for my life. No matter the journey, I had to have a standard that I would grow and go after the better version of myself. I had to have the standard that my dream would become reality. I had morals that I stood by no matter what, from faith to decision making. My morals are all that I have.

Fifth, I had to focus on myself. I took this to the extreme, but it truly blessed me. I decided to not allow a man to pursue me for years. I decided that I would put all of my time and energy into building my dream and helping others. I got serious about my desires, my bank account, my credit score, my debt, and my struggles.

Focusing on myself was the key to becoming the woman of my dreams.

We can become the woman of our dreams by liking ourselves first! When I quit warring with myself and started liking myself, I saw a shift. A shift in my confidence and mindset. I was finally

liking the woman I was becoming, because I was finally becoming the woman I always wanted to be.

The woman of my dreams!

Weekly Scripture

"Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise."

Proverbs 31:31

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