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Why Did You Stop?

Have you ever wondered "why did I stop?", don't worry I have too. After launching my Ebook I marveled at God. I began to wonder Why did I ever doubt Him? Why did I ever believe He wasn't going to come through for me?


I went through a tough season of feeling stuck and somewhere along the journey my heart began thinking I would always be stuck. Stuck in dead-end relationships, stuck in life choices, stuck in lack of faith, stuck in lack of Guidance. Just plainly stuck!

Unfortunately, feeling stuck caused me to stop trusting in God. I no longer expected to see His hand of grace and miracles in my life. My life got harder and fears got bigger so trust in God was not a thought anymore, until this ebook. Every part of it required me to trust in Him, from the words to the resources, to the customers. All of it called for me to Trust that He will bring me what I needed. I realized that I couldn't do this on my own so, daily I petitioned to God about the vision He gave me.

In my most fearful moments, I would reiterate the vision back to God on what He had shown me and I would tell Him that I would keep going, but I needed His help. First, came trust then came help. Trusting that God would keep His promises was life changing.

Your Walk!

For you, it may not be an Ebook that can bring back your trust in God, but it may be a health crisis, financial struggle, internal pain, broken relationships, insecurities, hurt, or lack of guidance. No, matter what it is God uses things like this in our lives to bring us back closer to Him. The Ebook brought me back to a place of Trust. Something I've lacked in for so long due to life failures.

Today, if you are lacking peace, stillness, rest, joy, fulfillment, gratitude and love take time to release every fear and worry to Him and trust Him in all of it!

When you decide to trust God with all your endeavors joy, peace, fulfillment, and gratitude will reside over you. And you also will think. Why did I ever Stop trusting in You?

Many will yell retreat at the sign of hardships and unknown territory, but you God has shown you a vision, God has revealed to you a calling, God has brought you enlightenment, God has granted you healing and restoration. You can't afford to stop trusting now.

Choosing to Trust God is a step closer to Choosing Her!

Excerpt from Choose Her: Choosing The Better Version of You!

Get the Choose Her Ebook+Workbook Here: by clicking the image!

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Jan 24, 2019

thank you for this post!

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