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Where Did The Glow Go?

Whatever has dimmed your light, give it to God and He will make it right. 

Have you ever been so consumed in what you were doing, that when you finally look around you realize the sun has gone down and you are sitting in complete darkness? Honestly, the darkness did not happen suddenly but was a gradual process. It is like when you walk into a dark room and reach for the light switch only to discover the light bulb is burnt out. Over time the bulb had dimmed, however, since it happened gradually, it went unnoticed until it finally lost its glow. 

As humans, we share similarities to light bulbs. We vary in size and brightness, and we can even find ourselves burnt out after continuous use. As Christians, we know that we carry a light given to us by God. We create spaces and times to connect to the source so that we may shine brighter. However, as flawed and imperfect people, we may find ourselves fading. We start neglecting our needs. Maybe our routines are interrupted and the domino effect begins. We spend less time with God and become more distracted. Before we know it, we look at our lives and realize the glow is gone. 

The good news is, that God is a restorer of all things. Find what is blocking your light and ask God to help you remove it. If it's time management, ask God to help you steward your time. Maybe you are battling with insecurities. In that case, study God’s word and remember what He says about you.  Whatever has dimmed your light, give it to God and He will make it right. 

Where did your Glow Go?

Weekly Scripture

Make your light shine, so others will see the good you do and will praise your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

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