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Sowing into Higher

Don’t let fear keep you where you’ve been

There is a heaviness that comes with transition. There is an uncertain mix of emotions that embodies what you go through. You are not your former self, and yet you know where you can progress. The path is daunting with no tangible danger. You can sense it first. Internally. You become well aware that change needs to take place to get to what is possible. This could be so many things: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically. It could also be a mixture of all these things. 


There is a journey that exists in the in-between that will lead you to your glow-up. 

You’ve sowed seeds of tears, discouragement, hope, vision, and the desire for more. The burden of your future weighs on you. Understand that this means God has called you to something higher. Receive that.


You are not on the other side of your glow-up. You are merely at the front door. But before you can enter you must know that you deserve every blessing that’s in that room. Because you’re God’s daughter.


Once you’ve reminded yourself that you deserve the blessings of your destiny, my word of advice is, don’t allow the “how” to stifle you in this season. You can feel like you have to choose a path at a fork in the road. Or maybe the fear of making mistakes, such as your past, cripples you where you stand. That fear of choosing is what overwhelms you. I know because it’s kept me up at night. Despite the thoughts, desires, fear, and hope that are consuming you all at the same time, you need to get clear on your path to get anywhere.


  1. Know the Vision.

  2. Determine the Direction.

  3. Make your Plan.


Don’t let fear keep you where you’ve been. Your heavenly Father knows how to redirect you if necessary. But what’s important now is that you begin the process. So much is in store for you on the other side of what you can see right now. Wipe your tears.

Sunshine is on the horizon. Glowing is Next!

Weekly Scripture

 “They who sow in tears shall reap with joyful singing. He who goes back and forth weeping, carrying his bag of seed [for planting], will indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.”

Psalm 126:5-6

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